private autoresponder service

About Me

Hello there nice to meet you,

At the time that I started there were not very many free Autoresponder Services about, so I decided to have a go at it.

Now I am not some big corporate company, I am a private individual that is just trying to help and have fun doing it, now just before re-writing this About me page I was thinking of closing Time2Respond down, as I have to foot all the running costs, but then I thought that would be stupid I have a lot of members now that have decided to stay.

If you looking for a FREE Autoresponder to use or just try out then you have come to the right place, I offer a great help desk support, in other words I will get back to you promptly yes me, not people that don't have a clue, unless I am in bed asleep which I do from time to time, unless I get on a roll with one of my other programs but that is another storey.

This is a new time for Time2Respond as we are now a Private Membership Club Only.